2nd Georgian Culture Festival in Cyprus
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2nd Georgian Culture Festival in Cyprus

2nd Georgian Culture Festival in Cyprus

September 13 & 15


The Embassy of Georgia to the Republic of Cyprus presents the 2nd Georgian Culture Festival in Cyprus. For the first time in the world the Georgian National Ballet Sukhishvili Juniors unites on stage with the Amiran Shalikashvili Georgian State Pantomime Theatre.

An amazing worldwide famous traditional dance show that entails a mixture of symbols, history, modern perceptions and harmony. A choreography that combines intense rhythms, graceful movement and exquisite synchronisation.

With 70 years’ experience and over 20.000 performances in 98 countries, “Sukhishvili” presents through their performances the rich heritage of Georgia.

Pantomime, as an original genre of theatre art in Georgia has a long history of development. With over 50 years of history, the Amiran Shalikashvili Georgian State Pantomime Theatre has appeared in many countries such as Germany, Spain, Malta, Poland etc.

The festival is organised by travelhouse and amalgamation and is under the auspices of the Embassy of Georgia to the Republic of Cyprus and the Ministry of Education and Culture.



September 13th – Municipal Garden Theatre Limassol

September 15th – Skali Aglantzias Nicosia


Start time: 21:00

Doors open: 20:30

Within Travelhouse corporate social responsibility the event will be free of charge.


Under the Auspices of:


Embassy of Georgia to the Republic of Cyprus



The Embassy of Georgia in Nicosia was opened in 2005. Diplomatic relations between Georgia and Cyprus were established in 1992. The ties between Georgia and Cyprus go back to prehistoric era, we share the same cultural, spiritual and intellectual values.

Georgian ambassador is Mr. Revaz Lominadze since 2014.






Ministry of Education and Culture






Municipalities of Limassol and Aglantzia & Celebrating Pafos2017





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